Hosting The Biggest 11.11 Sale of 2023

22% Off Storewide & RM1,111 Gifts To Win


Take 22% off storewide! No minimum, no discount code required.


Stand a chance to win RM1,111 worth of products of your choice.


All orders placed during this campaign period will automatically be entitled with 22% off per order and be enrolled for prize participation. 1 order = 1 entry, no limits to number of orders placed per account.

Only 1 order will be selected as winner. Sale ends 12th November 2023.

Campaign updates and winner announcement will be made here, lucky winner will be contacted via email.


< Campaign Update >

5th Nov 2023, 3:30 PM: Day 1 11.11 Campaign Announced.

11th Nov 2023, 12.00AM: 11.11 the biggest sale and giveaway! We hope you enjoy this 11.11 party :) All important updates and winner announcement will be conducted via email, whitelist us so these important emails can reach you well! 

13th Nov 2023, 0.00AM: 11.11 Big Sale has officially ended. Giveaway participation is now closed.