We are Daile

Inspired to be a part of people's everyday staple - nutritionally complete and convenient.

We make nutrition a pleasurable experience by offering a unique customizable shopping experience, all ready for you to tailor; or an on the go healthy solution; or functional snack treat.

DAILE Personalized Series

The Full Customizable Experience

Our Promise: Daile Food contains everything you need, nothing that you don’t.

Nothing is more personal than your health, and we appreciate that every body is different. Pick different base/flavor and functional ingredients to fit different occasion, health needs, preferences or tolerances. 

Putting people's lifestyle & routine in priority, Daile Food is capable to satisfy both the nutrition and personality, for people of different age category and needs.

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DAILE To Go Series

The Ready To Go Experience

An extension of Daile Personalized Series: Pre-formulated by a team of health professionals in the field of research, nutrition and medicine.

Pick bottle to bridge the gap - we understand you don't always have time for quality nutrition, we turn functional beverages into a one-step process and make healthy choices easy.

Pick bag for better lifetime value with better savings - keeping all mind, body and finances healthy as a long term quality investment. 

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DAILE Jelly Series

The Healthy Slurrrrping Experience

Easy Serving of Complete Nutrition: One jelly stick is promised sufficient to meet a full day's need.

Designed in pocket size, fit well to the smallest space convenient to bring on the go. Clean label jelly snack that is also mighty in strength, particles minimized to micro sizes to effectively deliver their designated health benefits.

With full personalization intent of over 20 Daile Jelly options to choose from, pick & pack several (or all) of your favourites to meet all needs and shapes.

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Our Promise

Personalized Nutrition

Daile Food prioritizes nutrition personalizes to your needs.
Precisely Formulated - Every bag is compounded with a blend unique for you.

Perception of nutrition, health and diet means different with different people.
We hear a lot about nutrition & supplements on the market and are often confused with what they really are. A lot of consumers feel like they are taking their best guess when it comes to eating and living in a way that they feel will really suit them long term.

Clean Label

Daile is made of real food, of names household are familiar with.
Nothing artificial with long chemical names that you and I can ever understand, are going to make it in the ingredient list.

Giving only clean & honest ingredients and being transparent with the whole shopping process, we give only what you picked to put in your bag.

We work with world's top manufacturers that have decades of experience producing for several major food & supplement brands with the highest imported quality assurance certificates of HACCP, GMP, ISO, HALAL.

Ongoing Support

Run by people who have dedicated their professional lives to understanding nutrition.

Access to professional's help through your shopping process. Reach out to Daile's live chat support on the right panel to speak to our nutritionist on duty today!