DAILE Lite (900g)
DAILE Lite (900g)
DAILE Lite (900g)

DAILE Lite (900g)

RM139.00 MYR

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- New Festive Flavor: Banana Milk.
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*Flavor = select the flavor of your personalized Daile Food
*Approach = select the health approach with ingredients grouped to meet the best outcome.
*Elaboration of the elements and ingredient profiles are available under "The Ingredients" section.
*Exclusive on Daile Personalized Series: specify remark under note section of the shopping cart for special care / personalization to fit different dietary restriction, tolerances or preferences, with no additional charges.

People’s Everyday

Nutritionally complete.
Capable to satisfy both the nutrition and food pyramid for people of different age category and needs.

Complete Nutrition

Covering all aspects of macro- and micronutrients addressing basic needs. Carbs, fats, protein, fiber, 24 essential vitamins & minerals.

Effective Learning

Premium brain food for better concentration & knowledge absorption capacity.

Healthy Growth

Superfood and Probiotics added to the natural prebiotics from fiber, great in regulating immune responses and support healthy growth.

Clean Ingredient Profile

Single serving full of nutrients. Zero junks/added sugar/additives/preservative/colorings and chemical list that you and I cannot understand.

The Ingredients

& which to choose

Step 1: Select Your Base

The Complete Nutrition

Step 2: Nutritional Approach

Growth & Learning

Immunity & Digestive Health

High Protein

High Fiber

No Added Sugar

Low Salt

Gluten Free

GMO Free

Soy Free

Vegan Options Available

One Serving That Does Wonder

Satisfies Daily Nutritional Requirement

As emergency meal replenishment for children who are unable to acquire full nutritional profile from daily meals. Take Daile Lite on occasional days when nutritional needs are not satisfied from dining table, or a regular daily use for great overall nourishment maintenance.

Daile Lite offers great taste profile that highly encourages compliance, and contains 100% all natural health food ingredients for the best performance in terms of nutritional profile.

Our best seller is rich chocolate milk if you are new to Daile, and switch up the flavors as you go as all are equally great.

Malnourished / Weight Restoration 

"No, I don't want this in my plate mommy"
Handling picky eater can mean the child may loose access to certain nutrition partially or completely. At some extreme ends, the appetite may be so minimal that some children's weight and health are compromised.

Children relies on great nutrition to grow and learn, this is our primary care with Daile Lite.

Switch up the experience - make smoothie loaded with more antioxidants from fruits on some days; and add yogurt or peanut butter for additional calories to boost weight gain on the other days.

Product Specification

What Our Customers Say

Your Daily Food, Customized

DAILE Lite (900g)
DAILE Lite (900g)
DAILE Lite (900g)

DAILE Lite (900g)

RM139.00 MYR

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