DAILE Essential (900g)
DAILE Essential (900g)

DAILE Essential (900g)

RM185.00 MYR

- New Festive Flavor: Banana Milk.
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People’s Everyday

Nutritionally complete.
Capable to satisfy both the nutrition and food pyramid for people of different age category and needs.

Complete Nutrition

Covering all aspects of macro- and micronutrients addressing basic needs. Carbs, fats, protein, fiber, 24 essential vitamins & minerals.

Clean Ingredient Profile

Single serving full of nutrients. Zero junks/added sugar/additives/preservative/colorings and chemical list that you and I cannot understand.

Phytonutrients Support

Nutrition harvested from traditional herbs of the great mother nature with profile that empowers the day with clean energy and ends the night with nourishing elements.

Reproductive Care

Beneficial food for the reproductive system to foster quality sperms and ovum ready for healthy conception.

Early Preventive Measures

Superfood options effective to enforce control on blood cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure in support of early prevention and healthy aging.

The Ingredients

& which to choose

Step 1: Select Your Base

The Complete Nutrition

Step 2: Nutritional Approach

Nourishments & Superfood

Reproductive Care

High Protein

High Fiber

No Added Sugar

Low Salt

Gluten Free

GMO Free

Soy Free

Vegan Options Available

It Takes Only 2-Minutes

To Change Eating Habits

Particularly suitable for individuals who have poor access to healthy food options or simply too busy to prepare a meal.

Daile Essential takes only 2 minutes to prepare: stir & drink; for a fulfilling meal with full nutritional components that is carefully curated for you, by you.

Welcome a new habit, one that makes you feel truly satisfied after every meal.

To Control Weight

Struggling to calculate how much calorie in total was there in a 1/4 chicken + potatoes + curry + 1/2 cup of yogurt you had for lunch earlier? Wait, can you even take those if you are on a weight losing regime?

At clean 90kcal per serving, Daile Essential contains only healthy ingredient options, satisfies both appetite and nutritional needs for healthy weight control.

Switch to Daile Essential to save time calculating on calories and stressing out on grocery options.

To Restore Wellbeing & Systemic Function

If you are someone being too busy with life, but wish to start giving care to your inner wellness and not willing to compromise on taste.

Daile Essential offers fully customisable tasty health ingredients profile curated based on age needs and your taste buds. Consistent daily nourishment changes your energy level, efficacy and performance that lasts through the day.

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Your Daily Food, Customized

DAILE Essential (900g)
DAILE Essential (900g)

DAILE Essential (900g)

RM185.00 MYR

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