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DAILE Superfood Series

Norelle P, Malaysia
THIS STUFF IS DELICIOUS! I used to live in the UK for about 3 years studying abroad, and it can be difficult to find clean label products here in Malaysia as compared to when I was in the UK. I purchased Daile mainly for its clean nutrition and the charm definitely lies with the ability to customise my unique blend (this is really great!!)
I picked belgium chocolate with a ton of other great ingredients. My initial reaction was a genuine natural feeling of nourishment, I must say they never skimped on the ingredients. I loveeee having 1 serving with unsweetened almond milk. 
2 weeks in and my digestive system seems to be more regulated. Will continue with this definitely and already placed a reorder. 

Halina Y., Malaysia
I bought this for my mom on Mother’s Day this year. She’s 58, I picked the chocolate milk one. She likes the taste and has been drinking every morning. This gives her better energy for her daily activity and she feels better overall.

Jonee W., Singapore
I keep a bag on my office desk and one at home. I use these for days when I can't make lunch or am working late, but don't want to be tempted for instant / packaged food. Daile Essential
 do leave me full and I actually feel more efficient after every meal. Totally worth it.

Karen D, Australia
I was browsing for a protein + meal replacement shake as a quick snack meal in the evening to hold me over until dinner.  I've tried the belgium chocolate, arabica coffee and berries fruit and they've all surpassed my expectations. I also liked how I can customise my own beverage, it is something that I haven't come across in my country.

Murtaza B., Malaysia
Great flavor, nice emergency meal. I like something light for the morning sometimes and we will use this to make smoothies. 

Daphne L., Malaysia
I've eaten Daile everyday for the last 2 months. The chocolate flavor is pretty good on its own. 
I like Daile for several reasons:
1. Low sugar, low glycemic index.
2. Convenient to use. I don't have a lot of time to cook or do takeaway. I drink it on its own when I run out of time.
3. Nutrition is well rounded. I picked all the macros and micro nutrients I need all in one - perks of a customised drinks I guess.
4. I feel satisfied for a long time after consuming.
5. Sometimes, I change the flavors up by blending with banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, fruits, frozen berries, milks, etc, to keep the flavors interesting.

Antonite C, Singapore
The ingredients are great, and my body is much more satisfied than I thought it was going to be. 
I take this to replace one meal a day, I also benefit from the energy boost that the supplements contained with this all at once. 

Samantha L., Singapore
My son (5 years old) is an incredibly picky eater and unfortunately this means he doesn't get a balanced nutrition. He gets sick a lot and often would deal fatigued. I bought Daile for him to try, thank god he likes the flavor and gets quite hooked. Knowing the ingredients that I picked was all great stuff, I give him at least once a day, and on days he skipped meals or be difficult on the dining table, I'd give him twice to make up to his nutritional difference. So thankful to have tried this and would recommend to all mothers with picky children!

Nur Atiqah, Malaysia
I bought this as a breakfast replacement. Since I started taking Daile, I feel like I have more energy. I imagine this means that there's some vitamin or nutrient that's missing in my diet that Daile is able to provide. I don't know why, but I crave this stuff constantly. 

Belle A., Brunei
My grandma is 70 years old and eating well is a problem for her, so I decided to buy this for her. It came yesterday, and today I made her first serving. The base I picked was belgium chocolate, I added peanut butter and milk, blended it all together and she truly enjoyed it! I am so happy that this helps, although it is only for one day, but I have been looking and nothing worked until Daile Plus! So this is a good starting point. I have also added in many great nutritional components to this Daile that normal milk don't offer, I really hope my grandma is able to benefit from these. Thank you!!

Ken D., Hong Kong SAR
Bought this because I recently started working a twelve hour night shift so my eating schedule have been very off. I feel lethargic after some time and get irritated with the lifestyle I have. 
It is a relief to a ready to drink meal that will do my body good. I picked ingredients that can boost my energy too so it can last me through my long shift.
The taste is great. I like to mix with milk for a thicker texture. I am still on our first bag, couldn't be happier though!

Nadia A., Malaysia
I originally tried Daile out of pure curiosity, but have come to greatly appreciate it. I am on regular medication, one of the side effect is that it eliminates my appetite and makes eating not pleasurable. My weight eventually dropped and became very malnourished. 
I came across Daile's advertisement and it seemed like a great drink. I tried and happy that I am able to consume it and give myself the energy until the meds wear off later in the day.

Shiau N., Singapore
I recently went vegan and was looking for a great protein source, I also wanted a natural one so I could feel good taking. I spoke to the nutritionist, she recommended me Daile Superfood which covers a balanced amount of nutrition, and is vegan friendly yay! This thing is delicious and I am happy to take everyday because I know the ingredients are all beneficial and custom made for me.

Shida A., Malaysia
I started using Daile Essential two weeks ago, I only replace breakfast with this shake, and I have never felt so good in ages! I was diagnosed with PCOS and needed to change my lifestyle completely. I tried to live off the healthiest way: work out and eat right, and nothing helped.
I started drinking this for breakfast, instead of water I use unsweetened almond milk, it keeps me feel full, gives me energy for my work day and I don’t need to snack in between. I lost some weight and I haven’t been this happy. I would recommend this to everyone , the taste is great too, your body will thank you for this.

Amber K., Singapore
Real review. I ordered this product because I tried so many other shakes, expensive and inexpensive ones. I rate this 5 stars because the taste is truly good. It kept me full and I find by as I eat well, the rest of system comes into good place too -  when I woke up, I had to always went to the bathroom first before leaving the house, nothing uncomfortable, but smooth. I will be replacing this with 1 to 2 meals a day. 

Haslindah K., Malaysia
Been drinking this for two months, I replace my breakfast and lunch, no snacks, and a regular healthy dinner. I notice my health and body status has improved tremendously. It keeps me full and I no longer be low in blood sugar. Even though this is liquid, I feel better than when I eat a normal meal, I assume it is due to the vitamins and minerals that keep me replenished. 

Cheryl S., Malaysia
I am a chef as a profession so taste is very important to me. I started using shakes to squeeze in a meal when I don't have time, I use protein powder for a very long time but decided to try something new. I was completely skeptical about this since there was only a few reviews, and especially not knowing how it taste (no joke).
I blended this with just cold water and some ice I can say this taste really good! You can substitute the water with milk to make milkshake. I highly recommend this if you are looking something that has good nutrition and taste. 

Kimmy Y., Malaysia
I bought this for both my 7 year old son and 10 year old daughter. Not intending to use daily, but somethin
to put on the shelf to use as needed. My kids lovee the rich chocolate taste, I will give them either as afternoon snack or morning milk.

randygrapher, Instagram Direct
Targeted by at first on Instagram and sold because of the packaging, then after some research I give it a try.
I instantly love it after trying! The best part is, you get to customise the supplement or ingredients you want!

shuni.pdf, Instagram Direct
I recently ordered DAILE Essential and I'm thinking to buy more soon. 

Alice Wong, Facebook Messenger
Purchased a 6 months supply for my children. I ordered the belgium chocolate milk flavor, both my children are usually picky with food so intending to use this as a healthy nutrition/snack. They really enjoy the drink!!, Instagram Direct
I've received my Daile powder! Love the coffee taste :)

Patricia Kang, Facebook Messenger
There are great ingredient selections like ginseng and those for heart care, I instantly took on the prelaunching promo to purchase one for my father. I picked components that can help control cholesterol, heart protection and several more that my father needs. He loves it after trying and I went ahead to get more right before the prelaunching sale ends haha.

cheesetart, Instagram Direct
Hi, I had Daile for breakfast today and I really love the taste! I added milk and little water into my Arabica coffee mix and I felt full, don't need further breakfast condiments. I'm really loving Daile, and thank you for Daile! 💖

Lim Sarah, Facebook Comment
Taste nice yummy!

Ashley Tan, Facebook Messenger
Hi, just an update. It's been helping with my autoimmune disease hehe

Roseanna__ng, Instagram Direct
I receive already! 💖 Good taste!

Yiwengan, Instagram Feed
I tried Daile Food in my favorite Belgium chocolate flavor, no sweetness at all but full of flavor.🍫🥰

Essentiallyninie87, Instagram Story
My morning breakfast with Daile. Every morning I'll be very busy preparing breakfast for my baby and so little time for me to prep my own breakfast. I found this and decided to give it a try so I have the energy for my baby in the morning. Loving my meal replacement that I ordered another pack!

Zefluffyselfiequeenunicorn, Instagram Story
Been a month plus consuming the customize supplement which I designed for myself after surgery. And it does help to speed up the recovery process, the taste is great! Naturally sweetness. Keep producing, don't stop! 💖 Oh peeps, (every bag) can tahan for 2 months if you drink everyday like me.

Thirararara, Instagram Feed
This meal replacement kept me away from snacking. All you need to do is just pour water and shake (bottle series). Absolutely delicious and keeps me full for hours.

Mia_lai94, Instagram Feed

Arissafuad, Instagram Feed
Just started healthy diet and it feels amazing to choose proper food for myself 💖 

Leahsaiful, Instagram Feed
Working from home has knocked my eating schedule out of whack. The Dark Belgium Chocolate is *chef's kiss* the mix of pea protein and oat fibre keeps me full and satisfied. It's quick and easy to make!

Kinsquare, Instagram Story & Instagram Direct
What I’m having for lunch. It’s yummy! Can’t wait to try my own purchases. I bought the monthly supply for my main purchase… I just bought this (Essential bottle) to try :)

Loa_relationship, Instagram Direct
I have tried both chocolate and coffee meal replacement with oat milk, yummy and suit my sensitive stomach. I am planning to buy brew version of coffee and chocolate drinks. 
(Remark: Personalized by switching dairy milk to soy milk component)

Rshnkrp, Instagram Direct
Hello hi. My wife and I have been using your product for months and it has been amazing.

Suman Kaur, Facebook Messenger
I just had it just now. Love the taste and I believe I’ll enjoy the goodness soon




DAILE Fruit Skin Fruit Series

Selina C., Malaysia
I am pretty impressed, I was a skeptic and never really trusted any skin supplement thinking it's all gimmick. But this all new customisable drink is my first encounter and I am attracted to play around to see how this custom made experience actually goes. To my surprise, the shopping is really easy and pleasant, like what they promised, I just had to pick, they take care of all my needs and have it delivered to my doorstep. 
There then, I wasn't expecting any huge change (being a skeptic as usual), until my sister asked if I have changed my skin care. I took a closer look, my pores are tighter, skin is smoother and there is a small glow. Oh my, I am changing my perception and sticking with Daile. Ordered another 3 months supply to share with my sister!

Julies L, Malaysia
I switched to Daile and saved at least RM200 per month.
I used to spend RM350-400 per month on my skin supplement from 3 different products, I now combine the function & ingredients from the 3 products that I used to take and become 1 from Daile at only around RM180 per month (I bought a 3 months supply). So cost savings, especially at this pandemic time now!
I’m really happy to come across this customisable brand and have recommended to many of my friends.

Florence L., Singapore
I purchased Daile Fruit initially only to have fun picking and making my own drink. Little did I expect it really worked too, my skin is brighter and smoother now! Also, the fruit juice tasted so soooo delicious so refreshing (nothing like artificial syrup 🤭)

Waira N., Malaysia
Do your skin a favor and take this twice daily you will not believe the results!!!! It’s good cold ice I highly recommend. 

Lawrence F., Australia
My main concern is complexion and texture, my profile is heavily focused on collage, antioxidants and some L-Glutathione. I started with two servings daily, once in the morning and once before bed. After only 6 days, I wake up with glowing smooth skin and I am in love with this!!!

Yaumil K., Malaysia
Amazing stuff! It started working after a few weeks, I forgot to take it one day and I felt the difference! I am breastfeeding my 5 months old, my doctor approved, but still check with your doctor :)

Adzlin R., Singapore
Just visited my facial girl and she raved about how my skin improved and looked so good, I shared with her about this customisable drink and the ingredient profiles that I picked, she went and ordered this right away.

Roshamiza Z., Brunei
My hair has never grown so fast in my life, my cuticles are stronger, my skin is smoother and tighter, loving every bits!! I am responding really well with Daile's pick (the nutritionist picked the profiles for me) and I hope everyone gives this a try.

Lisa H., Malaysia
I see a difference in the texture of my skin, it looks smoother, brighter and healthier. I drink this everyday in the morning for about three weeks now and I will definitely continue to use it.

Seedwi, Instagram Direct
Tried it already and it tastes good! Thanks!

Ttjiu, Instagram Direct
Loving the taste of mixed berries!

Saramxgn, Instagram Feed
My first time trying & its surprisingly good! Its quite small & convenient so I could practically bring this anywhere I go. Its not that sweet which I like and has a very mild tangy berries taste.

Katamberlouise, Instagram Feed
The skin beauty food in mixed berries flavour actually tastes really good and it's definitely a great size for an on the go drink, which is great for me because I am pretty much always on the go.

Ttujie, Instagram Direct
Loving the taste of mixed berries 💖 

Claraxlala, Instagram Feed
This Daile Fruit bottle has been my travel companion over the past few days. It's so light and convenient to consume - pour water & shake well, then it's ready! I preferred this, thanks to its natural, mixed berries scent, and tasted irresistibly good when it was chilled. Would definitely get more for my upcoming travel plans!

Jer_lyn85, Instagram Feed
This (bottle series) is super easy, grab and go drink. Very handy too! As for the taste, the mixed berries is really to my liking! Love it! A great refreshment drink for my skin to be enjoy on such hot sunny day!

Fatihahaisyah, Instagram Feed
As someone with PCOS, fighting acne is like a constant battle especially with all the hormonal imbalance and environmental stressors. This one does not only tastes good, it is also packed with antioxidants, collagen and anti-aging ingredients, makes it super convenient!

Mhmmdikhlas, Instagram Feed
A good skin could leave a good impression, I am trying this skin beauty food from Daile. I love the bottle and its packaging, definitely go get my whole eyes. I also find it easy to bring around and gave me a pretty good taste as it is mixed berries fruit juice! It must be listed on my monthly check-out 🤭

Deenaiskandar, Instagram Feed
I honestly hate pill supplements and just saved my life and skin by having this 1 bottle 1 serving. 

Allylilith, Instagram Feed
Switching up my regular smoothie with Daile Fruit. It tastes good! 

Liping_xx, Instagram Feed

Renee_saw13, Instagram Feed
Surprise that the flavours doesn't taste artificial at all, it tastes sooo berries (not sour) and easy to drink. Daile Fruit has become my daily obsession!

Tristashuer, Instagram Feed
Taste: sweet and sour (overall is nice). Very convenient, just add water and can drink it directly, suitable for working mama like me.

Lalitha_lallice, Instagram Direct
As i always have stomachache after consuming collagen and protein. Since this is a customized product, i am hoping that Daile can solve my stomach issues.

(7 days later) I have tried both collagen and dark chocolate pea protein. Suits me. Thanks for the combination. I even did protein smoothies today and added oat milk, banana, peanut butter and dates. I would like to try coffee protein

Lalitha_lallice, Instagram Direct
I have ordered mixed berries collagen, choc pea protein and almond milk. And soon I want to order coffee pea protein, essential coffee, essential choc and almond milk with coffee. I am happy with Daile bcz for the first time, I found foods that I can customise and suit my stomach. So, I want to continue ordering more foods from Daile.

Lailybong, Instagram Direct
Hi I am taking the Daile Fruit at night and loving the taste. 😊

Ahsunee, Instagram Direct
I always love your product. It really makes my skin so glow and healthy. Thank you!



DAILE Brew Weight Control Series

Maureen G, Malaysia
I tend to over eat, I gained a crazy amount of weight and I'm now sick of being big - I miss my clothes and my old figure. I was looking for a good weight loss product (there are an overwhelming amount of choices and I honestly do not know where to start). I finally decided to start with Daile, as it promised a tasty drink indulgence with low calories and help to lose weight. In my mind, I needed something palatable and not gunk.
It does tastes great, I picked arabica coffee. Over the month of April, I took 1 serving a day in the morning, not exercising yet and I still eat kinda crappy. I have lost 3.5kg in June. I still have 8kg to go to reach my goal, and I am going to add Daile Superfood to replace my meal and have a better control on my food intake to really fasten this process!

Sarah B., Hong Kong SAR
This does taste good! I am nearly finishing with Daile Brew and I am pleased with it. I am almost reaching my weight goal and really happy to have found something delicious that helps at the same time!

Aleesa H., Malaysia
My brother swears by this stuff and he has lost quite a bit of weight with it (he practically lives off of it) so I thought I would give it a try.

Idawait Y., Brunei
My husband and I are trying to have a baby and my gynae said I should try to loose 5kg. I started with my diet, cutting out processed food and do some light workout, but I just can't seem to lower the weight. Trying to have a baby and lose weight the healthy way, I came across Daile Brew and got excited with the customisable experience. I spoke with the nutritionist on my circumstances, she is really helpful and shared the consumption suitability through this period and I receive the extra confidence to know when to start and how to go about. Bought a 3 months supply and I am on my first now! It tastes great and I am enjoying it.

Linda T., Malaysia
I have lost 2kg in a week with Daile Brew. I workout 4 days a week, and usually don't eat dinner (maybe just 1-2 times a week). The taste is okay, I picked Matcha Green Tea. Would buy again because I do see a difference.

Dzulkhairi Y., Malaysia
I am surprised how quickly this works! I am on about 18 days, I do not weigh myself, but I have lost a size in my clothes. I feel lighter and less hungry. I really love the taste and going to place a reorder again. Highly recommend.

Judy G., Singapore
I am caffeine intolerance so I have to be very careful with weight loss products. I tried a few on the market and unfortunately not able to accept, as most comes with caffeine. I was very happy to see this in a customisable form, because I thought this means I could tailor to my suitability! Just like I imagined, I reached out to the nutritionist in the live chat, and got her help. She sent a list of caffeine free ingredients, so I could safely and freely picked from there. 
I am now on day 5 with no adverse affects. So this gets a thumbs up from me!!

Tei Y., Malaysia
RESULTS: I have more energy and less appetite. On day 12, my weight fluctuates between -1.5kg to -2kg compared to my previous form. My bowel movement is smoother and I did notice my stomach is flatter. Really happy to see how this turns out. 

Sansa L., Brunei
Can't rave enough that it can be caffeine free, and yet still provides the energy!! There are too many weight loss products in the market that is loaded with caffeine. Reached out to the support to curate a caffeine-free weight loss version (so glad I did) and I lost 3kg without having the jitters. Thank you!!

Seekie1103, Instagram Direct
I bought the formulated drink and it tasted so nice!

Heyitsicar, Instagram Feed
Coffee is always a part of my morning routine though my mornings always got the best of me. Good thing I found the most convenient way to grab a brew. This formulated coffee helps transforms nutrients in energy. The taste is sweet but definitely can taste the fruity note of the Arabica Coffee.

Yeetien_lai, Instagram Feed
My new adore this season, now I can make my drinks anywhere and anytime. I love how fast and easy it is to make myself a nicely brewed drink when I'm rushing.

Yunnipang, Instagram Feed

Ynn0814, Instagram Feed
Quick nutritious breakkie to start my day. I was surprised how it tastes exactly like the iced coffee i make HAHA and does not have the "supplement" taste.

Seeyin92, Instagram Feed
The roasted arabica coffee aroma really satisfies my morning coffee craving and keep me feeling full the whole morning.

Junnyiii, Instagram Feed
Did my InBody yesterday and was surprised with the result!! Been suffering from BDD earlier, intensely focused on my body appearance, feeling guilt after a heavy meal or even just a pack of Mamee and controlled my intake almost everyday, forcing myself to eat something I'm really craving for...... being super harsh on myself..... that was literally the worst time of my life. I started exercising, badminton gym hike swim... but also eat whatever I'm craving for. erm at least I controllll heh. and I felt much healthier and happier!! Found Daile Brew nutrition drink that tastes so good and improves metabolism. Love mixing with chilled water! Freeze my morning blue.

Miqichan, Instagram Feed

Estyrichard, Instagram Story
No ramlys and eating clean, daily cardio and curbing my horrendous habit of unhealthy snacking with Daile is the result in 2 weeks (posted as photos)
Photo 1: 12 Sep 2022 = 60.55kg
Photo 2: 26 Sep 2022 = 58.95kg

Susanne_tsn_, Instagram Direct
Omg 😱 The taste is so nice! Unlike other slimming coffee.. Tq so much

Omisha Punitha Sangaralingam, Facebook Comment & Facebook Messenger
So far the best I have come across. Kudos to the team for the great work you do. I just made my second order. I don't get any digestive issues after consuming your brew. I will continue purchasing. Keep up the good work👍

Alice Cheong, Facebook Messenger
After taking this new product, I noticed I go to toilet more, a little slimmer now, and it works fast results….

DAILE Protein Sports Performance Series

Yen B., Malaysia
Love it, love it! You can choose different flavors for the protein powder and even the types of protein! As well as whether you want caffeine as pre-workout and some of the joints protection that is often lacking in the usual brands. 

Cyrene K., Singapore
Quick delivery and customizable product is rare! And I have to say, my workouts have been amazing since I started taking Daile! 

Sze J., Hong Kong SAR
I have loved my Daile products and they truly have helped me. The nutritionists and support team are also super time efficient with their responses, I am very pleased with the company and their products.

Andrew S., Malaysia
Started for about 1 month and on a 3-4 times per week workout, I take one serving on my rest days and twice on days I workout. I have more energy, feel extremely great, and have been able to change up my morning routine in a healthy way! 

Wen Lee, Malaysia
I honestly appreciate the whole customisable process, from protein type, flavor, and the functional part. I truly enjoyed every part of the shopping process! I went on pea protein in chocolate, their vegan protein and flavor is good! Customer service is also super nice and helpful. Highly recommend!

Matthew L., Singapore
I really enjoyed that I can adjust my protein supply to meet the different stages of my fitness goals.

Li Xu, Hong Kong SAR
Super easy process with helpful information. The live chat support is very quick with my questions too during my selection process!

Debbie T., Malaysia
This product is amazing. Daile has honestly changed the way I workout and go about my life. Having my personalized protein, pre-workout, and recovery packed together is easy and convenient. Everything works and tastes great too! All in all a great investment.

Haziq A., Brunei
I've been using this personalized protein powder for almost three weeks. I have more energy and better endurance in my workouts.

Andeytham, Instagram Feed
Loved the cute bottle 💖 convenient size to bring around and that's great coz sometimes I'm too lazy to pack a whole gym bag lol. It also came pre-filled so I don't make a mess. The only down-side was that it didn't have a shaker ball inside so it was a bit hard to dissolve entirely but tasted pretty good! 

Abigailrhyme, Instagram Feed
Always looking for a quick protein fix for that post activity recovery and Daile Protein To Go is perfect for me to carry along as I go around. Love the portable size, and most important no nasties in the formula. Can’t wait to try the rest of the products already ✨

Samanthalwyao, Instagram Feed
I started at 63.0kg with half a heart 💔 2 months in, I am at 56.5kg and filling the void with new memories and adventures 💖
For what it is worth, I must say that this is one of the best protein shakes I've ever tasted! Definitely will be getting more for myself 🥰 

Wyee.eats, Instagram Feed
I've tried their Daile Protein To Go. The chocolate protein shake has a rich, smooth, creamy, not too sweet, chocolate flavor that tastes like a treat! Just like drinking a healthy, non sweet version of chocolate milk. Love the cute and convenient easy to carry size bottle.
It provides me with enough energy and have me feeling full for hours. Love the low sugar & high protein content, super easy to grab on the go especially if I'm hungry or after the workout. Highly recommend!

Bryanyap911, Instagram Feed
1st impression of Daile, the packaging is simple & nice. Just fill in drinking water to the bottle, shake it & it's ready to serve. The taste of the protein just good.  

3mily89, Instagram Feed
My daily energy before workout. This dark chocolate protein taste so good! It's so convenient to prepare, just add water and shake it. 🤭

Jocelyntmy12, Instagram Feed
I love how compact it is. Fits easily in my handbag. Tried it after ride class today to refuel and it is really yum. Full of chocholatey taste and not sweet at all.

Azzamajlan, Instagram Feed
It tastes so good and helps to provide my body with the nutrients it needs to recover after a workout. 

Miyenxx, Instagram Feed
Goal: getting into my best shape for slay szn. I'm surprised that it tasted pretty good - dark belgian chocolate with a nutty texture. Time to get the gains!

Shishanchiew, Instagram Feed
Chocoholics like me is satisfied with the 19.6g high protein + non sugar drink to recover and grow my muscle

Lalitha_lallice, Instagram Direct
As i always have stomachache after consuming collagen and protein. Since this is a customized product, i am hoping that Daile can solve my stomach issues.

(7 days later) I have tried both collagen and dark chocolate pea protein. Suits me. Thanks for the combination. I even did protein smoothies today and added oat milk, banana, peanut butter and dates. I would like to try coffee protein

Lalitha_lallice, Instagram Direct
I have ordered mixed berries collagen, choc pea protein and almond milk. And soon I want to order coffee pea protein, essential coffee, essential choc and almond milk with coffee. I am happy with Daile bcz for the first time, I found foods that I can customise and suit my stomach. So, I want to continue ordering more foods from Daile.

Pa_aut_testin, Instagram Direct
I am based in Singapore and recently about a couple of months back i purchased those bottled soy protein from an outlet in Malaysia. I loved it, I would like to switch over to whey protein with inclusion of ingredients for muscle and joint inflammation recovery.

Jwelzrobyn, Instagram Direct
Had the arabica today, so good!



DAILE Milk Adult Nutrition Series

Aliyana R., Brunei
I was choosing a good nutritional supplement for my 80 year old mother, and I was torn between the superfood or milk. I ended up with milk after speaking to the nutritionist.
I originally wanted a breakfast drink that is able to strengthen her bones, doctor mentioned she needed more calcium and she has signs of osteoporosis. I picked the plain dairy milk with more joint components and also added with probiotics. She's on week 3 now and just placed a reorder as she is finishing her first bag, she shared her joints feel better, able to walk through the stairs better and feel less bloated.

Kevin G., Singapore
This milk is a miracle for me. I am extremely lactose intolerant and have sensitivity to other nut milks because they contain guar gum and other additives. I stopped taking milk because I simply couldn’t.
I tried Daile Milk as they promised to contain only what I picked, so I can carefully curate something for my sensitive stomach. I went with goat milk as goat milk promises a better nutritional value that other options.
Fast forward, I'm in 3 weeks now, I am so happy I do not experience any lactose intolerant reactions. It digests easily and I feel fine! Now I can drink milk with ease.
Also, I was happy to receive the package with only the ingredients I picked. Been looking for a great quality clean label product, considering how many names are added to simple products in the market these days. If I’m buying milk - all I want is milk - no additives - no guar gum or any other chemical.

Felicia Y., Malaysia
I'm new to plant based milk, decided to start this because I somehow feel I am developing mild intolerances to dairy as I age (I took dairy and felt perfectly fine). I don't know if this happens and do not have a diagnosis, but I do feel better when my latte comes with soy, less bloated, less visit to the toilets. I got this product so that I could have something to drink in the morning when I feel like having one. I picked plain almond milk and had no idea what to expect. 
I tried as soon as the package arrives (was working from home and needed a breather), falling out of my expectation, the almond milk tasted so good on its own! I like that it is not sweetened and pure, I sometimes add this to my blender with some fruits and greens to make a healthy smoothie. Great quality!

Sue L., Malaysia
I wanted milk at work to put into my coffee without worrying about bringing in fresh milk, having it not refrigerated and go bad. I skip creamer because if you take a look at the ingredient list, you will see the first ingredient is corn syrup solids, followed by various chemicals. Yes, I substituted creamer to milk for health reasons. While normal whole milk powder is much cheaper, but I thought I needed something for my rusty joints too, and that I could try plant-based options, so I went on with one bag.
I love taking this and on it everyday, my coffee still tastes great, but also upgraded to contain glucosamine, collagen and probiotics! 

Renee E., Malaysia
I love goat milk, I usually buy fresh ones, but it is just very expensive so I get it more as a treat. With covid 19 restrictions and limitations, I switch to the powder form because it can be more cost effective long term and so I can take it everyday.

Boey G., Brunei
Good stuff! I use Daile Milk for cholesterol control and obvious health properties. My doctor recommended a statins prescription to reduce my cholesterol levels. After 6 months my cholesterol levels were down into the normal range. 

Julializthong, Instagram Feed
I usually kill 2 birds with 1 stone by having breakfast in the car otw to work. So, having aready-to-go drink on hand is a real time saver and with proper nutrition! I picked plant based milk because yo girl is lactose intolerant. 10/10 for convenience and nutrition! 

Lalitha_lallice, Instagram Direct
I have ordered mixed berries collagen, choc pea protein and almond milk. And soon I want to order coffee pea protein, essential coffee, essential choc and almond milk with coffee. I am happy with Daile bcz for the first time, I found foods that I can customise and suit my stomach. So, I want to continue ordering more foods from Daile.

Cheesetartinheaven, Instagram Direct
I've bought the banana milk and really loving it 😊 Recommended to few others too.



DAILE Yogurt Wellness Revitalizing Series

Lori T., Australia
I have issues staying awake and trouble stabilizing mood despite exercising and eating a healthy diet. This is god send, fixed these, I'm feeling great and being so effective everyday! 

Danny Y., Malaysia
I've had a very bad 2020, lost my work and income, I was having panic attack and I could not sleep. I wanted a pick me up and reshape my life, I don't want to rely on medication, so I chose this yogurt and picked mostly mind calming properties. I'm doing much better now, honestly, I feel like this health food saved my life this year. I'm able to think better, have the energy to restart. Thank you so much!

Fahmi Z., Malaysia
My whole family all started taking this together. I can honestly say that it is definitely doing good things to my body & mind. My parents and wife love it, recommended to my friends too!

Zefluffyselfiequeenunicorn, Instagram Story
Been a month plus consuming the customize supplement which I designed for myself after surgery. And it does help to speed up the recovery process, the taste is great! Naturally sweetness. Keep producing, don't stop! 💖 Oh peeps, (every bag) can tahan for 2 months if you drink everyday like me.

Shuatlee, Instagram Feed
Been busy for many activities all these day. Got to try this yogurt health tonic and the effect is quite nice.

Rainny.hx, Instagram Feed
This yogurt health tonic boosts up my energy for work!

Stefpidity, Instagram Feed
Been a bit unwell the past few days but glad that I have Daile Yogurt to get back on track! Love how this tastes & it's super simple for a quick pick me up. Felt much better after drinking this 💖